About the Journal

Aim & Scopes

The online journal “Studia Alimentaria” is a periodic academic e-journal without printed forms (since 2021). The journal publishes scholar articles, reviews, information resources, conferences and other scientific materials.

We publish two issues in a year (June and December).

The working languages of the Journal are English and Russian.

The E-Journal is devoted to current issues in the field of research on alimentary (gastronomic) culture, the history of food, the socio-cultural significance of alimentary in local and global practices, food in mass culture, literature and art, and other aspects.

Our goal is to create a virtual platform for exchange of views and discussions in the field of Food studies.

With this goal in mind, we aim to ensure that our online publication performs important scientific functions – communication and information – that will not only accumulate new developments in this field, but will also serve as a basis for new discoveries and insights.

The Journal advocates the principles of dialogue of cultures and elimination of conditions for possible conflicts of civilizations. It adheres to the principles of the philosophy of non-violence, cultural and religious tolerance. The editorial staff aims to remove language barriers and respect the boundaries of the national culture of each nation living on our small planet – Earth.

The main branches of science within which materials can be published in this publication are:

Theory and history of culture;

But this does not mean at all that articles and other materials of the authors written in other field of knowledge will be categorically rejected. We welcome articles on Food Studies problems written from the perspective of a wide variety of Sciences or at the intersection of several branches, since this approach, in our opinion, may be the most effective and allows us to look at known problems from a new point of view. All materials submitted to the editors will be carefully selected and sent for double-blind reviews.

Any unscientific or not based on facts article will be rejected by the editors. We do not accept works that express disrespect for other peoples or contain politically incorrect language.

All articles are published for FREE, but the fee is not paid to the authors.

The Author Self-Archiving Policy

This journal permits and encourages authors to post items submitted to the journal on personal websites or institutional repositories both prior to and after publication, while providing bibliographic details that credit, if applicable, its publication in this journal.